Don Dingman

Don has been working with Martello Property Services since November 1992. Over this time he has held the position of Property Manager and is now Vice President of the Strata Management Division. Prior to joining Martello Property Services Inc., he spent 3 years as Property Manager with Bayside Property Management Services. Don is licensed under the Real Estate Act of British Columbia as a Real Estate Representative. 

Don has had extensive experience in developing, marketing and selling of small rental properties such as homes, duplexes, fourplexes. Over his 20 years in the Strata Management Business, Don has developed a pattern for successful transition management to assist developers in bringing projects to market and transitioning them from the construction stage to the ownership stage. He has worked for such companies with Polygon Construction, VanCity Enterprises and Haseman Canada Ltd. 

Don has direct hands on managerial style and stays very close to the day-to-day operations of all buildings. He has strong hands on knowledge of mechanical systems, roofing systems and envelope systems. It is Don's style to establish a proactive and preventative maintenance program for each building in the portfolio. He establishes capital replacement budgets, upgrading schedules and asset management programs to ensure maximum life safety and durability of the properties under his control. Don is also very sensitive to customer service requirements and has developed a customer service program with all individual strata owners. As Vice President he oversees a staff of administrators and property managers.